Single Hung Window (with Grid) - 3x4

PBS Direct LLCSKU: W-s-3x4

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Our high quality 3500 vinyl single-hung windows are durable and energy efficient

With standard features that include a pre-punched mounting fin and easily removable sash, the 3500 window is designed for builders. A closer look reveals details like a full-length lift rail and metal reinforcements at the meeting rails.


  • Constant force coil balance system
  • Easy sash and fixed glass removal for drywall pass through (up to 3/4 width)
  • Envirosealed Spacer System
  • Integral J-channel
  • Steel reinforcement at meeting rail and sash horizontal
  • Tilt in sash for easy cleaning


  • 2-7/8" frame depth
  • 3/4" Insulated Glass

Energy Star Zones

  • North-Central
  • Northern
  • South-Central
  • Southern

Additional Items

  • Snap J Channel
  • Mounting (Nailing) Fin
  • Continuous Head and Sill Mulling for Twins (Double Door – 6068)

GRID Measurement

  • 5/8" Flat



Main Frame
Shall be made from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) multi-hollow extrusions which have a minimum wall thickness of .050”. Main frame shall be welded together at the corners. Overall frame depth is 2-7/8”.

Movable Sash
Shall be made from rigid polyvinylchloride (PVC) extrusions which have a minimum wall thickness of .062”. Sash to be of welded corner construction. Sash to have metal reinforcement in horizontal members.

Fixed Meeting Rail
Shall be made from a rigid PVC hollow extrusion with a .050” wall thickness. Meeting rail shall be secured to the main frame with three screw fasteners through injection molded end caps attached to the meeting rail with three screws. Meeting rail to have metal reinforcement. Bottom of meeting rail to have foam bulb to seal against the moveable sash.

Sill Insert
Shall be made from rigid PVC with a wall thickness of .060”. It shall “snap fit” into the main frame sill. Sill insert to be sealed with double-sided foam tape before insertion. Inside joint between sill snap-in and main frame to be sealed.

Top, or fixed, glass panel shall consist of 3/4” thick insulated glass. Fixed (top) glass to be held securely in place by the use of a single-sided adhesive foam tape at the exterior and a rigid PVC glazing bead, which has a minimum wall thickness of .070”, at the interior. Low-E glass, argon gas and other glazing options available. Note: 7/8” thick insulated glass used on select configurations.

Moveable sash glass panel shall consist of 3/4” thick insulated glass. Glass to be held securely in place with silicone and with rigid, extruded, vinyl, interior glazing beads.

Note: 7/8” thick insulated glass used on select configurations.

Movable sash shall have double strips of center fin weatherstripping on each stile and one on the top rail. Sill insert shall have one strip of center fin weatherstripping. Bottom of moveable sash fixed meeting rail to contain one foam bulb.

Moveable sash balance mechanism to consist of stainless steel constant force springs. Two metal camtype sweep locks to be located equidistant from each end of the top sash rail. Two sweep lock keepers to be fastened to the fixed meeting rail. One plastic tilt latch shall be used at each end of the sash top rail. All screws, clips, and other fasteners shall be made of non-corrosive materials compatible with reinforcements.

Half screen only. Screen to be made from roll-formed aluminum, 5/16” x 3/4” with a .020” wall thickness. Screen cloth to be made from 18x16 fiberglass mesh and held securely by flexible, vinyl spline. Screens shall meet ANSI/SMA standard 1004-87. ( NOTE: Insect screens are intended only to provide reasonable insect control. They are not intended to prevent people or objects from exiting the window or to provide security against forced entry.)

To be done by others. Frame must be installed straight, plumb and level, without twisting, bowing or springing. Manufacturer’s recommended installation procedures are to be used. Installer should make final adjustments to ensure proper sash operation and window performance.

NOTE: MI WINDOWS AND DOORS' designs and manufacturing methods are continually being improved. Individual products may be subject to a variation in performance. Due to this and other factors, we reserve the right to change specifications without notice. It is the sole responsibility of the purchaser/installer to be sure that the intended use of this product complies with any and all applicable buildings codes (i.e. egress, safety glass near doorways, etc.). If you require further technical information regarding this product please contact your retailer/salesman.

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