Pole Building Supplies Offers A Large Variety Of Steel Panels For Residential, Commercial And Agricultural Applications In Several Gauges And Profiles.

Nearly all panels Pole Building Supplies offers come with a 45-year warranty.*

It’s called MS Colorfast45® warranty which fights to prevent fading, decade after decade! The ultimate lifespan of steel roof and wall panels depends on the quality of the coating system that protects it. Inferior coatings will not protect the steel substrate from harsh elements and will be susceptible to corrosion, chalking and color fading. MS Colorfast45® is a multi-layer coating system proven to be superior in every respect layer by layer. They supply superior resin and superior performance, standing the test of time.

MS Colorfast45® Test Performance & Specifications

  • Humidity Resistance – No blistering, cracking, peeling, loss of gloss or softening of the finish after 1200 hours of exposure to 100% humidity at 100ºF ± 5ºF, per ASTM D 2247.
  • Chalk Resistance – No chalking greater than 8 rating on vertical applications (7 on non-vertical) per ASTM D 4214-89, Method A test procedure, after 2000 hour Weather-Ometer test.
  • Color Change – Finish color coat change not to exceed 5 Hunter units on vertical applications (6 on non-vertical) per ASTM D 2244 test procedure, after the 2000 hour Weather-Ometer test.
  • Exterior Weathering – Florida exposure (45º south) and EMMAQUA testing, per ASTM D 4141, Procedure C.
  • Abrasion Resistance – Per ASTM D 968, Method A, will pass 30 liters/mil, minimum of falling sand.
  • Salt Spray Resistance – Samples diagonally scored and subjected to 5% neutral salt spray per ASTM B 117, then taped with cellophane tape: 1000 hours-no blistering, and no loss of adhesion greater than 1/8” from scoreline. Samples taped 1 hour after removal from test cabinet
  • Chemical Resistance – No significant color change after 24 hours exposure to 10% solutions of hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, per ASTM D 1308, Procedure 7.2, after 2000 hour Weather-Ometer test.

* Other panels carry 40-year warranties