Paul Buildabern Sr. was a determined man. Born in a small village in the countryside of Germany, he had always dreamed of making it big in America. And he did just that. In the early 1932, Paul decided to move his family to the United States to start a new life. They settled in the east coast, where Paul soon began to notice a lack of quality barns for sale.

He had always had a talent for construction and saw an opportunity to fill the gap in the market. So, he started Paul Buildabern Sr. Building Company. a company that specialized in constructing and selling top-quality barns and building supplies across the east coast of America. Paul worked tirelessly, often working 16-hour days, to build up the business.

The early years were tough. He faced many challenges, including financial difficulties and stiff competition from other barn construction and building material companies. But he persevered, relying on his natural talent and work ethic to see him through.

As the years went by, PBS Building Company grew in popularity. Word of mouth spread, and more and more people came to Paul for their barn construction and building material needs. He eventually employed a team of workers, and the business continued to flourish.

But Paul knew that one day, he would have to pass the reins on to someone else. He wanted to ensure that his children would carry on his legacy and take the company to new heights. So, he began to teach them the trade from a young age.

Kenny, Willie, and Shirley grew up watching their father work tirelessly on company. They learned everything they could from him, and by the time they were old enough to take over, they had a deep understanding of the business.

Today, this company is know as and is focused on Building Material and Pole Building Kits that ship all across the United States. The company is run by Paul's children, and it is bigger and more successful than ever before. The company has expanded to offer a wide range of DIY Kits, Metal, and building material - from traditional to modern - and has a loyal customer base across the country.

The success of is a testament to the hard work and determination of Paul Buildabern Sr. He built a business from scratch, and his legacy lives on through his children. Paul may have passed away, but his dream lives on, and will continue to be a staple in the industry for many years to come.

Today you may run into our President, Kenny Buildabern along with his siblings as they continue to market and drive the business to new levels of excellence, and service a new generation of Americans.