rFOIL® Radiant Moisture Barrier Insulation Roll (4' x 125' - 500 sq ft)

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rFOIL® Radiant Moisture Barrier Insulation

(Roll 48" x 125' / 500 sq ft)

The Minimum Insulation Needed for Your Pole Building

rFOIL® Reflective Insulation is an effective energy barrier that can greatly reduce the transfer of radiant heat through siding and roofing. This double layer of polyethylene bubbles (double bubble) is bonded to and sandwiched between a radiant barrier metalized foil and a white polyethylene sheet. It can be taped to purlins, stapled to rafters or studs, or rolled out onto existing shingles prior to installation of metal roofing or siding panels.

At a minimum, rFoil should be installed under the roof steel to protect against condensation and sweating. It can also be added under the side steel for a full building wrap.

Documented R Values Are:

  • Ceilings: Up to R4
  • Walls: Up to R4

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