Gambrel Trim Lower - Transition Flashing 10'2" - 29 ga.

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Color: Alamo
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Transition flashing trim is used for attaching a lean-to, roof or similar to a building – same level as the roof. This is a flashing to make the transition from the building roof to the lean to roof, so there is no leaks at the connection. You need to order the trim with the right pitch for your roof or connection. The trim is flat without notches for the panels.

• Available in colors that match the roof or wall panel
• 29-Gauge steel material
• Energy Star listed finish that is mildew resistant and will not warp, rot or absorb water
• Tested for class 4 impact resistance and class A fire rating
• Product available to ship to any location
• US Steel - made in USA
• Painted options have a 40-year warranty on the paint. Bare/galvanized options have a 25-year warranty

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