Custom Trusses

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Roof Trusses are Available in All Shapes, Sizes, and Pitches. Roof Trusses are designed to carry certain loads such as wind, snow, ceilings, the weight of the roof and any roof traffic. Trusses are a key structural component and most building jurisdictions will require that they meet design loads. Trusses can also play a role in the function of your building as well as its overall appearance. Trusses include Common; also called Standard Gable, Scissor (cathedral ceilings), Mono, Gambrel, Loafing Shed, Attic (lofts), Dual pitch, and Monument style trusses.

Sizes of trusses range from 4 to 100 feet in length. All trusses are engineered to the appropriate snow and wind loading, as well as top and bottom cord, live and dead loading. We regularly provide trusses for 35+ pound snow loads and 120 mph wind loads.

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